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Thursday, October 28, 2010

All Of Them Witches

Hey guys! This is my first post (I haven't had a working computer in about a year so I'm a bit slow to get on this). I figured a Halloween mix was in order so I edited down a 55 song witch themed playlist Mike and I have been working on for a while to a listenable best of. The playlist file I exported looked a little strange so I typed one out as well. Hopefully this works! Cool!

all of them witches

the trial-exorcist
come to the sabbat-black widow
white witch of rose hall- coven
queen of bees- witchcraft
the witch-the rattles
season of the witch-donovan
baba yaga- the pagans
you must be a witch-the lollipop shop
wicked old witch- john fogarty
the witch- the sonics
witchfinder general- witchfinder general
angel witch- angel witch
burn witch burn- morticia
burning witches- warlock
bewitched- candelmass
witchcult today- electric wizard
tres brujas- the sword
death by bewitchment- exorcist
don't burn the witch- venom
witch ghetto- darkthrone
a witch is born- gehenna
the witches reel- Vincent Price


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