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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Axe

Inspiring Guitar Instrumentals for the Spring Season (and a Joseph Spence song...but he was too drunk to really sing so he made it onto my instrumental mix)

1) Flying Fingers - Joe Maphis
2) Up the Creek - Bola Sete
3) Ramblin' Sailor - Davy Graham
4) Hilo March - Jerry Byrd
5) Fast Fox Trot aka Buck Rag - Rev. Gary Davis
6) Requiem For Mississippi John Hurt - John Fahey
7) Black Mountain Rag - Chet Atkins
8) Casbah - Bert Jansch
9) Linden Ave Stomp - Jack Rose
10) Dandelion River Run - Richard & Mimi Farina
11) Medley Of The Old-Time Waltzes - Walter Kolomoku
12) The Rockin' Gypsy - Joe Maphis
13) Slack Key Serenade - Leonard Kwan & Ozzie Kotani
14) If I Had The Wings Of A Dove - Joseph Spence
15) A Study For Steel String - Robbie Basho
16) Expresso Torino - Chiquinho Timoteo
17) Ukulele Bounce - Roy Smeck
18) Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning - John Fahey and His Orchestra
19) Petenera - Carlos Montoya
20) Play-Out Piece: Better Git In Your Soul - Davy Graham


Pat G. said...

I went to the Jack Rose Tribute show a couple weeks ago here in Philly. It was a helluva show. Rose's new album "Luck in the Valley" is fantastic!

Jeff P said...

I got dressed really quick listening to "Flying Fingers." Is was fun. Also, "They call em fingers, but I never seen em 'fing'."

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