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Monday, March 8, 2010

Posting Instructions


Create a new Folder on your computer with the name of your "Mix".

In iTunes, select your playlist.
Highlight all the songs in the playlist and drag them from itunes into your "Mix" Folder.
Go to File -> Library -> Export playlist
Export the playlist as an .xml and save it in your "Mix" folder with the mp3s.

Now zip up the folder. On a mac, right click on the folder and select "Compress [mix]" I'm not sure how to on a PC.

Upload the zip file to DivShare (Rapidshare and Mediafire will delete them), and post the link along with any other info you'd like to share about your mix or the songs on it.


Download the .zip file, and unzip it. Put the mp3s into itunes however you like to do it. Then go to File -> Liberry -> Import Playlist
Select the playlist .xml in the mix folder you unzipped.

That should do it. Listen to it and post any comments to the mix post.

I know it sounds kind of complicated, but it really only takes a couple seconds. Unless you're an idiot.


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